Bring Some Fun Fish To Your Office or Hotel

From Koz of Green World Gallery

Every office, room or lobby needs color, joy and happiness on the walls!

The brighter and more fun the location the more comfortable and enjoyable it will be for your patients and visitors.

Download our brochure to begin to envision how FUN your space will be!

WHAT MAKES KOZ' WORK SO FUN? Koz has tapped into the joy and happiness we all feel when we stop stressing and just enjoy life.

Cat Reef Fever

Yellow Submarine

Checking You Out

Life on The Reef

Yum Yum Yellow Tail


We are so lucky to have Koz here in Key West, he spreads joy to people through his wonderful artwork and always gives back to the people of our island paradise with his support of local non-profits. – Mayor Craig Cates, City of Key West

Perfect for a Medical/Dental Office

What better way to help your patients remain calm and relaxed than to have happy colorful pictures of "Fun Fish" smiling at them from the walls.

Or for your Boutique Hotel

Every boutique hotel wants to create that vibe of fun and relaxation, and nothing does that better than Koz' Fun Fish!

A Word From The Artist

“I want my canvases to explode with vibrant colors with my fish, sea horses, crabs, mermaids, reef life and palm trees. I am committed to “fun” by creating my art and bring "smiles" to those that view it..”